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Village of Grignan

The village of Grignan, located in the Drôme provençale and only 5 minutes from our campsite Les Truffières, is a hidden gem to discover in France. This picturesque village offers a peaceful and authentic atmosphere, as well as many activities to discover. Tourists can explore the cobblestone streets, admire the beautiful stone buildings and discover the many stores, restaurants and bars in the village.

village of grignan drome provencale
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Discover the fortified village of Grignan

Grignan, a perched and fortified village, developed around its castle which crystallized, as early as the 12th century, a first grouping of populations.

The castle town at the foot of the site has been protected by powerful walls since the 13th century. The successive evolutions of the habitat can be seen in the ornamental details of the 15th and 18th century facades.

Grignan also has many paths allowing you to discover the truffle trees, the lavender fields and with a little luck, you will pass by during the harvest and then intoxicate yourself with this fabulous scent. Grignan is also rich in vineyards and you can visit cellars.

The castle of Grignan

One of the greatest attractions of Grignan is its castle. This magnificent 17th century building is surrounded by a beautiful park and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Visitors can explore the reception rooms, private apartments and gardens. The castle also houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Grignan and the region.

The ancient fortress, built in the Middle Ages, became in the 16th century the largest Renaissance castle in the southeast. Its extension in the 17th century makes it “one of the most beautiful antiques in France”.

The presence of Madame de Sévigné and her daughter, the Countess of Grignan, the privileged place they reserved for it in their correspondence, the power of Count François de Castellane Adhémar de Monteil, make it a high place of regional history.

The Saint-Sauveur collegiate church built by a Grignan architect Jean Deloche in the 16th century.
The house of the bailiff of the 13th century and which shelters the Workshop-Museum of the typography.

The cave of Rochecourbière, near the village, was dear to Madame de Sévigné and to the Countess of Grignan.

In Grignan you can enjoy the night shows at the castle all summer long or the correspondence festival in early July.

Grignan as such is worth visiting. You will take as much pleasure in discovering the castle and its history as in strolling through the streets where you can, for example, find a magnificent washhouse. If you continue along the path, you may enjoy discovering this place sheltered from the sun and wind where Mme de Sévigné enjoyed writing.

the old roses of grignan

The old roses of Grignan

Grignan is also famous for its old roses, which attract gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the country. Older roses are older varieties of roses that were first cultivated centuries ago and have retained their original charm and fragrance. Old roses in Grignan are mainly grown in private gardens, but some can also be seen in public parks and communal gardens.

Visitors will be able to admire these roses in bloom throughout the year, with an abundance of flowers in summer. The old roses in Grignan are famous for their color and their intense perfume. Colors range from pale pink to dark red, yellow and white, and scents range from sweet to herbal to fruity.

Activities to do during your stay in Grignan

The appointment to note and honor is the Tuesday market. You will then discover the local producers in a friendly atmosphere and with a crazy charm. What happiness to stroll on the Provençal markets! At the end of the market you will find the beautiful wash house with a circular basin.

You will then be able to continue the stroll in the streets of Grignan and why not take advantage of a table on the place Sévigné for a small coffee or to restore you. In the streets of the village and before arriving at the collegiate church you can discover the small shops and art galleries. For nature lovers, discover the vineyards and cellars or why not take a horseback ride through the forest, lavender fields and vineyards.

The hikes to do in Grignan

For nature lovers, Grignan also offers many hiking trails to explore the surrounding hills and mountains. Hikers will be able to experience the incredible scenery and spectacular views, as well as the many plants and wildlife in the area.

local products market

Festivals and events in Grignan

Finally, Grignan is also famous for its festivals and events. Every year, the village hosts numerous music, theater and food festivals, as well as traditional celebrations and processions. Tourists can experience the local culture and traditions by attending these events.

In conclusion, the village of Grignan is an ideal destination for lovers of culture, history, nature and festivals. Offering a charming cobblestone village, a magnificent castle, scenic hiking trails, and numerous festivals and events, this is an incredible destination for anyone looking for a quiet getaway in the Drôme provençale. So for an unforgettable experience in France, plan your trip to Grignan today.

Grignan is so rich in activity and entertainment that a visit to the tourist office is a must.

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