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Village of Chamaret

The village of Chamaret is a surprisingly small village located in the Drôme Provençale and is a true gem of the region. It is an ideal place for camping vacations in the Drôme, with its many parks and gardens, as well as its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. But the real jewel of Chamaret is the Chamaret Tower, a historic building that dates back several centuries.

discover the village of chamaret
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Visit Chamaret

Chamaret is a small atypical village with an unusual architecture. You will discover through the roads and winding paths, beautiful stone buildings. An incredible charm with a small village square where a market takes place every Friday. The most famous of Chamaret remains the tower. Available for visits but also accessible at any time, the view will surprise you.

Finally, these majestic ruins will impress you: not only the vertiginous square keep, but also the sections of wall where the weeds climb, windows that open on the void, pieces of vaults still intact, between which stand some proud cypresses.

A set of a disheveled romanticism, which speaks to the imagination and invites to a journey in time.

Perched at an altitude of 250m, enjoy a few minutes of a real show offered by this vertiginous tower. You will be able to recognize the castle of Grignan, the plateau of Rouvergue but especially, the Mont Ventoux. À quelques mètres dû pieds de la tour, vous trouverez un grand lavoir communal ainsi que la très jolie église.

The curious will take the Bories trail, which will make them discover these famous bories (dry stone houses), but also lime kilns, a menhir and a Roman oppidum.

Don’t miss, if you come in September, the Bean Festival, a very old agricultural festival that dates back to the French Revolution! A magnificent show with period costumes.

Lovers of “consumer local” will be able to find some nuggets at the grocery store La Cabanette.

The church of Saint-Michel in Chamaret

Upon arriving in Chamaret, you will be greeted by the impressive 15th century church of Saint-Michel, which dominates the village. This historic building houses many religious artifacts, such as paintings and sculptures, as well as architectural elements such as pointed arches and frescoes.

The tower of Chamaret

The Chamaret tower was built in the 12th century and was originally used to defend the village. It has been restored and renovated over the years. Today, it is open to visitors for guided tours. Visitors can climb the spiral staircase to the top of the tower and enjoy spectacular views of the village and surrounding countryside.

The top of the tower is also a great place to take pictures and capture the memories of your trip to Chamaret. It is possible, in summer, to benefit from an initiation to astronomy.

The Chamaret tower is a key element in the history of Chamaret and the region. It represents the strength and determination of the people of the time, and is a fascinating glimpse into medieval life in the Drôme provençale.

Visitors will marvel at the view of the village and the surrounding mountains, as well as the history and architecture of the tower itself.

By visiting the village of Chamaret and climbing to the top of the Chamaret tower, visitors can discover the historical and natural wonders of the Drôme provençale. It is an ideal destination for history, art and nature lovers, and is a must for camping vacations in the region.

horseback riding in chamalet

The must-sees in Chamaret

Historical remains, to see:

  • Keep of the feudal castle (12th century, reworked in the 19th century, can be visited; 2 euros entrance fee).
  • Gate of the Great Fountain (13th century).
  • Washhouse (18th century). Romanesque church remodeled.
  • Chapel of St. Bartholomew.
  • Prehistoric remains (two oppidas, remains of Gallo-Roman villas).
  • Path of the Bories.


  • Hiking, biking, horseback riding.
  • Bean Festival (September).

In summary, Chamaret is a picturesque and historic village in the Drôme Provençale, which offers visitors a glimpse of life in Provence as well as an opportunity to relax and discover the local products. I highly recommend you to visit Chamaret during your next visit in Drôme Provençale.

It is important to know that the village of Chamaret borders Grignan and that we have, at the exit of the campsite, a hiking trail leading you to the village through fields, and in complete safety !

To be discovered in the vicinity of the campsite!